Business Administation Degree

Build a solid business foundation

Become a competitive candidate in the business world with our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSB).

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Take the lead. Earn your MBA.

You’re a busy professional looking to elevate your career. At University of Europe, you can prepare for leadership in your career faster.  You’ll harness the power behind proven management strategies to bring value and expertise to your organization.

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A Doctoral of Business Aministration is for those who have already achieved alot in Business and can prove it through a combination of Education such as an MBA and work experience.

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An online university created to change your life.


Online. Nonprofit. Remarkably affordable.

The path to your unique career goals.


The concept is simple, you pay for a year, you can pass as many courses as you can.  The courses are designed to take 4 years to complete however an exceptional person with the knowledge already could theoretically pass it in one year.


Demonstrated knowledge, skill, or ability required to advance in a degree program.

At the University of Europe, course competencies are defined by an expert panel, including employers and academics.

Competencies may be demonstrated in a number of ways such as Assignments and Essays.


Take the next step

It’s time to let your education prepare you for the next phase of your career. You’ve got the will. And by taking one course at a time toward a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, you’ve got the way.